Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents, even minor ones, can result in muscle, joint, and nerve injuries which if not treated properly can lead to permanent pain and disability. Our North San Jose and Milpitas offices deliver specific chiropractic adjustments during the 3 phases of healing from auto accident injuries has been proven to be the best form of care and treatment to minimize the the possibility of long term pain and disability from those injuries. Ironically, many victims of these auto injuries often seek relief initially with pain relieving medications and physical therapy. This may increase the likelihood of long term pain and disability and cause excessive scar tissue formation. At our North San Jose office we use Nasa Near-Infrared therapy and Far-Infrared sauna sessions to accelerate your healing from these unique injuries.

For over 26 years Dr. Key has been providing treatment for auto injuries resulting from serious accidents to minor accidents.  As one of the only chiropractic doctors in the North San Jose and Milpitas areas to hold a post-graduate degree in whiplash and spinal trauma; Dr. Key can accurately evaluate, diagnose, & treat the effects of most auto accident injuries using state-of-art technology and tools e.g. Near Infrared Therapy, Far-Infrared Sauna,. In the event your insurance does not cover the care needed for your recovery, we offer very affordable private plans to help you. 

Steven Key C.C.S.P. (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician)​

Milpitas & San Jose, CA

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